Starting with the idea that if you do not want to drink, you should have a great sophisticated alternative.

That’s why I developed NONA June.

I work with only the best naturally sourced ingredients to create one of the first non-alcoholic spirits in the world.

Meet NONA June

A premium non-alcoholic spirit with a massive flavour derived from an extensive development process with nine carefully selected botanicals.

A complex distillation process provides the essence of the product, beginning with a dominant citrus flavour and followed by a herbal touch. In search for this perfect taste, high-class chefs were consulted on a weekly basis.

I hope that you will genuinely enjoy and live the NONA moments and that the nine individually distilled botanicals will inspire you.

– Enjoy your NONA moment –


Our story

Charlotte is raised near the beautiful city of Ghent, neighbouring the Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen nature reserve. As a child, Charlotte spent most of her time discovering this nature with friends and making tea with foraged herbs.

Fast-forward to today. Charlotte’s interest in product development and her passion for nature remained strong. This eventually led her to the academic studies of Bioscience engineering with a major in food technology.

On a Friday night following an intensive week at work, Charlotte was catching up with friends in a bar. She fancied a non-alcoholic alternative for the cocktails she’d always loved. When she asked the bartender for this, a fruity and sweet drink was served. Not quite the drink she expected. Later on, she asked for alternatives in other bars but they couldn’t offer any classy non-alcoholic cocktails. She soon realised many others shared the same feeling. The idea of making a premium sophisticated spirit was born.


NONA & tonic

NONA & tonic

50 ml NONA June

100 ml Indian tonic water

Method Build over ice & garnish with basil leaf & orange peel

NONA's Bee

Bee's Knees

50 ml NONA June

30 ml fresh-squeezed lemon juice

20 ml honey syrup

Method Shake over ice

Serve without ice & garnish with dried orange peel

Honey syrup: Mix two parts of honey with one part of water

Tom Collins

Tom Collins

50 ml NONA June

30 ml fresh-squeezed lemon juice

20 ml sugar syrup

Method Shake over ice

Serve over ice, top with soda water & garnish with orange peel

Sugar syrup Heat one part of water with one part of sugar until the sugar is dissolved

Je kan NONA June bestellen online via de webshop

NONA June is hier te verkrijgen:


  • Vers – Kortrijksesteenweg 31, Gent
  • Wijnhandel Van den Bussche – Vlaanderenstraat 110, Gent
  • Collin wijnen – Kalandeberg 5, Gent
  • Collin wijnen – Krekelput 17, Oudenaarde
  • Belgo – Kortrijksesteenweg 188, Sint-Martens-Latem
  • Lambrecht wijnen – Kortrijksesteenweg 265, Sint-Martens-Latem
  • Wijnhuis Bollaert – Hundelgemsesteenweg 286, Merelbeke
  • Prik&Tik Stockman – Koning Leopoldlaan 18E , Maldegem
  • Dranken Stockman – Lembeke-Dorp 41, Lembeke
  • Stokerij De Moor – Gentsesteenweg 398, Aalst


  • Bacchus wine & spirits – Lippenslaan 13, Knokke
  • Wijnen De Clercq – Bissegemsestraat 65, Kortrjk
  • Horeca Totaal – Sint-Pietersgroenestraat 8, Brugge
  • Horeca Totaal – Zandvoordeschorredijkstraat 26, Oostende
  • Ginwinkel – Stationsstraat 20, De Haan


  • Wijnhandel Lelièvre – Lange Herentalsestraat 113-115, Antwerpen
  • Dranken Lambert – Lange Nieuwstraat 12, Antwerpen
  • Epicurios – Kloosterstraat 22, Antwerpen
  • Drankenwereld – Schanslaan 130, Borsbeek
  • MAB-Drinks – Eeuwfeeststraat 9B, Puurs

Vlaams – Brabant

  • Vinenco – Notstraat 17a, Asse
  • Angels’Share – Mechelsestraat 50, Leuven
  • Prik en Tik Leuven – Aarschotsesteenweg 108, Leuven

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